Zirconium n-Propoxide (NPZ)

Building on the 2011 exclusive acquisition of Johnson Matthey VERTEC’s proprietary organic zirconium alkoxide technology, Catalytic Technologies Ltd have grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of zirconium alkoxides for the oilfield and fine chemical industries.  CTL utilises its proprietary technology to produce high quality NPZ to strict manufacturing standards at two separate manufacturing facilities.  CTL are now also in the process of commissioning a third manufacturing plant to meet the changing global demand in usage of zirconium alkoxides.  Our high quality NPZ is supplied as a solution of approximately 75% zirconium (IV) n-propoxide in n-propanol solvent (ZrO2 content ca. 28%).

For over 30 years zirconium alkoxides have been widely used as precursors for zirconium based oilfield cross linkers.  CTL utilises its in-house expertise, garnered over a combined 40 years technical experience in the field of organic titanates and zirconates, to manufacture and supply cross linkers produced from its own zirconium propoxide supply, and is able to tailor make these zirconium alkoxide derivatives to suit customer requirements and to the highest of quality, safety and confidentiality standards.

CTL has responded to industry demands for the needs for improved zirconium cross linkers that avoid the limitations of conventional organic zirconium and conventional aqueous zirconium cross linkers. The company launched an extensive R&D programme that has delivered a disruptive technology platform that challenges many of the assumptions that have long existed regarding the potential performance of zirconium cross linkers.  This technology is now available on a full commercial scale.  For more information please see: Oilfield Cross Linkers.

Product synonyms: Zirconium(IV) propoxide; Zirconium(IV) n-propoxide; Zirconium n-propoxide; Zirconium tetra-n-propoxide; Tetra-n-propyl zirconate; Tetrapropyl zirconate; N-propyl zirconate; Zirconium(IV) propoxide solution; Zirconium propoxide; Zirconium tetrapropanolate; Zirconium propoxide in propanol; Zirconium(IV) propoxide solution; Zirconium (IV) propoxide, 70 wt. % solution in 1-propanol.

CAS number: 23519-77-9