Zirconium n-Butoxide (ZB)

Used in a variety of applications including coatings and catalysis and as a zirconia precursor our high quality ZB is supplied as a solution of approximately 80% zirconium (IV) n-butoxide in n-butanol solvent (ZrO2 content ca. 28%).

Product synonyms: Zirconium(IV) butoxide; Zirconium(IV) n-butoxide; Zirconium n-butoxide; Zirconium tetra-n-butoxide; Tetra-n-butyl zirconate; Tetrabutyl zirconate; N-butyl zirconate; Zirconium(IV) butoxide solution; Zirconium butoxide; Zirconium tetrabutanolate; Zirconium butoxide in butanol; Zirconium(IV) butoxide solution; Zirconium (IV) butoxide, 80 wt. % solution in 1-butanol.

CAS number: 1071-76-7