CTL Ti638 UP

CTL Ti638 UP is a revolutionary new catalyst for the production of high intrinsic viscosity polyethylene terephthalate (PET >0.70 dl/g) with unique thermo-oxidative stability and outstanding physical properties.

While titanium catalysts for PET have been investigated for over three decades, limitations in use of current Ti-PET as a result of thermal instability during processing at high IV are well known, and this has restricted existing catalysts to lower IV PET fibre and film applications. The industry has also suffered from the process limitations of titanate catalysts, particularly linked to solid state polymerisation rates.  Through Catalytic Technologies Ltd research and development in the field of organic titanates for PET applications, a viable titanium catalyst is now available.

Only now is Catalytic Technologies Limited able to offer a brand new titanium based catalyst to high IV PET resin and sheet producers.  Using high purity, high stability CTL Ti638 UP manufacturers of polyester chip, bottles and A-PET sheet can now experience a wide range of advantages, including;

  • Improved thermo-oxidative stability compared to antimony-PET
  • Lower chip acetaldehyde content and reduced AA generation during processing, which also improves glycol efficiency
  • Brighter polymer with reduced haze
  • Lower crystallinity chip allowing for up to 40% energy reduction on melt processing. This can allow for isophthalic acid reduction/elimination
  • Increase in PET crystallisation temperature allowing for higher temperature filling
  • Increased crystallinity in blown bottle side walls increasing strength and improving barrier properties
  • Alternatively, increased crystallinity in blown bottle side walls allowing for bottle light weighting
  • Antimony free catalyst formulation
  • Full function for high IV PET, without compromise, in both solid state polymerisation and in melt to resin process technology

Furthermore, this proprietary titanium technology can be used to achieve all of the above benefits completely in the absence of antimony and cobalt and has been proven in both preform extrusion and bottle blowing following a successful 1200 kg/day PET chip continuous pilot unit trial.

Empty plastic bottles

With typical addition levels of just 9-10 ppm Ti and 18-25 ppm phosphorous based on final polymer weight, replacement of antimony catalysts with CTL Ti638 UP is simple and requires no process control changes and only minimal colour correction increase.  This huge reduction in the amount of catalyst used dramatically reduces metal particulates in the PET polymer and also particulates that can cause fouling on the manufacturing plant.  Favourable crystallisation properties of the unique Ti-PET allow manufacturers to decrease, or even eliminate completely, the more expensive iso-phthalic acid currently used for crystallinity control.

For a full list of the key features of CTL Ti638 UP and how this product can be used for PET manufacturers, preform extruders and bottle blowers/users please see: Process features

For further information on the advantages of CTL Ti638 UP and how it can be used on your plant, please contact Catalytic Technologies Ltd.  Product literature and technical data sheets are available on request.