Oilfield Cross Linkers

Catalytic Technologies Ltd now make available our disruptive range of high efficacy, aqueous zirconium cross linkers used for the cross linking of polymer solutions for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing processes.

The key feature of our proprietary technology is that we do not have just one product to offer, but we have the flexibility of a whole technology platform, allowing us to tune cross linker performance to fit our varied customer requirements.

Product and process advantages:

– Water based, high flash point, triethanolamine free, low hazard zirconium products
– Outstanding viscosity build and peak viscosity stability at high temperature (250-450 °F)
– Industry applicable peak viscosity achieved using low Zr levels and/or at lower polymer loadings
– Controllable delay and activation properties in acidic, neutral, and alkaline pH fluid conditions
– Suitable for use with all polymer types and typically at lower polymer loadings
– Unique performance in produced waters containing high total dissolved solids and in sea water based fluids

The product platform is both TSCA listed and REACH pre-registered for immediate supply within the USA and Europe. Catalytic Technologies Ltd is committed to all regulatory requirements and works with third party experts to ensure compliance.

CTL’s products available immediately from stock include CTL 549 and CTL 551.

For technical information on how this unique cross linker product platform can be used in your own stimulation formulations please contact Catalytic Technologies Ltd.