CTL Ti638 for PBT

CTL Ti638 is a completely water stable alternative to TNBT for the production of PBT which eliminates titanate hydrolysis and undesired particulate formation.  Conversion from the conventional TNBT catalyst to CTL Ti638 also allows a customer to reduce the overall amount of titanium used, further reducing the particulate content of the final product.  Typical ‘Ti’ addition levels are approximately 20% lower than for TNBT catalysed systems.  The product is supplied in 250 kg drums or as 1250 kg IBCs and should be diluted in BDO for addition to the PET process.


Key improvements to the PBT process are:

–        Reduced titanium content in the final polymer (ca. 20% on a Ti basis)

–        Complete stability to moisture which reduces fouling in the catalyst addition line

–        Minimal TiO2 cluster and gel formation throughout the process, reducing particulate formation and extending  filter lifetimes – fewer plant shut downs are required

–        Non-flammable catalyst that does not generate free alcohol in the PBT process

For further information on how CTL Ti638 can be used as a TNBT replacement on your plant, please contact Catalytic Technologies Ltd.