CTL Ti624 UP

CTL Ti624 UP is a brand new catalyst based exclusively on Catalytic Technologies Ltd patent pending UP technology that allows PBT customers to produce high quality, high thermal stability PBT that cannot be achieved using conventional titanium catalysts.  The catalyst is both highly active and selective, and also completely stable which greatly improves the overall PBT production process.

Key improvements to the PBT process are:

–        Reduced titanium content in the final polymer due to catalyst stability, selectivity and activity (ca. 25% on a Ti basis)

–        Complete stability to moisture which eliminates fouling in the catalyst addition line

–        Minimal TiO2 cluster and gel formation in the production process, reducing particulate formation and extending filter lifetimes – fewer plant shut downs are required

–        Fewer undesired side reactions that improve the purity of the THF by-product

–        Non-flammable catalyst that generates no free alcohol in the PBT process

The key benefit for the PBT polymer is:

–        Greatly improved polymer thermal/thermo-oxidative stability.  Lower IV loss (and associated issues) during melt processing due to the unique catalyst properties.


For further information on how CTL Ti624 UP can be used as a TNBT replacement on your plant, please contact Catalytic Technologies Ltd.