CTL 549

General Description and Product Use

CTL 549 is a low viscosity, easy to handle zirconium based cross-linker that can be used as a viscosity modifier in oil and gas well stimulation formulations.  CTL 549 contains no flammable components and is both VOC and triethanolamine free.  The product can be used for low pH formulations in the range pH 3-7 and will provide fast action at pH 3 and delayed temperature activation at pH 7. For high pH formulations around pH 10, CTL 549 will provide fast action. Delay can be controlled across the pH range using suitable delay agents.

Recommended addition levels are 1-2 gpt and at these levels the product offers excellent viscosity stability while also providing higher peak viscosity at lower overall zirconium addition levels when compared to alternative products, especially in water with high total dissolved solids content.

CTL 549 is compatible with guar, derivatised guar and derivatised cellulose polymers.

Typical Physical Properties

Property Typical Result
Appearance Clear to slightly hazy liquid
Colour Colourless to yellow
Solubility in water Fully miscible
Flash Point (°F / °C) ≥200 / 93 (closed cup)
Freezing Temperature (°F / °C) <-5 / -21
Boiling point (°F / °C) 212 / 100 (water)
pH (at 77°F / 25°C) 7
Specific gravity 1.14
MO2 content, wt.% (measured by calcination) 5.8