CTL’s Aqueous Cross-linker Products Launched

Catalytic Technologies Ltd’s ground-breaking aqueous zirconium based cross-linker product range is now immediately available in industrial quantities.  All of the products are only available directly and exclusively from CTL.

The products CTL 68, CTL 68L, CTL 69, CTL 101 and CTL 549 have been manufactured in the USA, are fully TSCA registered and offer users unique cross-linking performance in hydraulic fracturing applications, particularly with regard to efficacy and viscosity stability under extreme temperatures and shear.

CTL’s products offer flexibility in processing for working at both high and low pH with controlled activation, and achieve improved cross-linking results with reduced MO2 addition levels which can improve clean-up and minimise formation damage.

Rheology data for a variety of standard systems is available on request and specific system data can be supplied to meet customer requirements.

For more information please contact CTL: info@CTL8.com